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A mystery/thriller set in present-day Bangkok.  An American detective tracks a murderer through Bangkok's little known world of upper-class gentlemen's clubs, houses of domination and kinky expatriate orgies all the while knowing that his beautiful Thai girlfriend might in fact be the murderer.

Skytrain to Murder: Opening Chapters

Skytrain to Murder: Reviews

The Simple Art of Murder (in Thailand)



Murder in China Red


A mystery/thriller set in present-day New York City. A Chinese detective from Beijing, still scarred from the murder of his father during China's Cultural Revolution, vows to track down the killers of the woman he loved.

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Murder in China Red: Synopsis & Opening Chapters

Murder in China Red: Reviews




Hangman's Point



A mystery/thriller/historical set in Hong Kong and southern China in 1857. An American arms smuggler and gambler finds himself at the center of an attempt by various groups to take over the British colony of Hong Kong. When his illicit love affair with a beautiful, upper class British woman leads to betrayal and death, he must escape from prison or face the gallows at Hangman's Point.

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Hangman's Point: Synopsis & Author Interview

Hangman's Point: Reviews

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The Opening five chapters of Thieves Hamlet



Kingdom of Make-Believe


A mystery/love story set in 1988 Thailand. A publisher living in New York receives a letter from his brother's Thai widow begging him for help. When he does return to Thailand, he finds a great deal more behind the Thai smile than he bargained for - including murder.

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Kingdom of Make-Believe: Synopsis & Opening Chapters

Kingdom of Make-Believe: Reviews


Permanent Damage


The sequel to Skytrain to Murder, also set in present-day Bangkok with the American detective Scott Sterling.

Permanent Damage: Reviews & Synopsis

Permanent Damage: Opening Chapters


Pop Darrell's Last Case

Opening Chapters

Pop Darrell's Last Case: Reviews


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