Of Vital Interest to Mystery Fans:



Sneak Preview of SKYTRAIN TO MURDER - a mystery novel set in Bangkok: The first three chapters


"The first lesson reading teaches is how to be alone."  Jonathan Franzen

"Literature is news that stays news."   Ezra Pound

"A real writer puts his heart and soul and all his intelligence on the page. Any book can be the last one. Every one of the writer's words, every small motive, counts. The editor must attend as though nothing else matters."  Judy Karasik (on editing the late Edward Whittemore)

"There is no success where there is no possibility of failure, no art without the resistance of the medium."   Raymond Chandler - Playback

 "I'd never dream...of not reading reviews.  It would be like not looking at a naked woman if she happens to be standing in front of her open window.  Whether ugly or lovely, she is undeniably interesting under such circumstances."  Norman Mailer - The Spooky Art: Some Thoughts on Writing