Skytrain to Murder


"Skytrain to Murder, a noirish mystery steeped in the culture of Thailand, skillfully portrays expatriate life in Asia.  Barrett conveys all this with a sure-penned elan that pulls us nonstop from page to page."

- G Miki Hayden, author and Macavity winner, Writing the Mystery


"No one describes the ins and outs of living in the sultry Far East better than Dean Barrett.  The beauty of Barrett's writing is that as he takes you along Scott Sterling's voyage of discovery he effortlessly introduces you to dozens of characters, expats and locals, all with their own stories, all with their own insights into surviving in the Land of Smiles.

The dialogue is as real and raw as any you'll hear sitting at a Pattaya beer bar and the characters are so true-to-life that long after finishing the book you'll think that you actually met them - it's just that you got too drunk to remember the details."

- Stephen Leather, author, Tango One


"Rich in the customs of Thailand, Dean Barrett uses his personal experience living in Asia and brings his readers to this whole other world."



"Calling on a real knowledge of the aging Americans who inhabit the bars of Washington Square and Soi Cowboy, this book paints an accurate picture of their view of Bangkok and Thai life...this book is a goldmine."

- Movers and Shakers magazine


"It rocks!  Great stuff!  The book is really good!  Read it!"



"Skytrain to Murder is as satisfying a read as was Barrett's Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior... Skytrain to Murder isn't long enough.  Another 50 pages at least would have made it even more pleasurable."

- Bernard Trink, The Bangkok Post


"Dean Barrett manages to maintain the pace and the environment all the way through the book...this ability to present real characters in real surroundings gives this book an immediacy and credibility that exhorts you to keep on reading."

- Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail


"I'm reviewing Skytrain to Murder by Dean Barrett, who is as good as any writer out there."




"Skytrain to Murder is a brilliantly written novel.  The author, Dean Barrett, a resident of Asia, delivers firsthand knowledge of what it is like to live and work in this fascinating country.  Sprinkled throughout the book are funny accounts of the different bar patrons and their interactions between themselves and the locals.  Scott is a well developed character and the reader has a rapport with him and his plights, even the uncomfortable ones he brings on himself.  The mystery of Skytrain to Murder is detailed and intriguing, and will keep readers guessing until the exciting climax where all is revealed.  I take it as a sign of a good mystery when I can't figure out the identity of the villain, and this novel delivers a well-crafted surprise.  The dialogue is fresh and fast-paced, full of Thai cultural references, both funny and shocking at times.  One criticism I have is that a few of the things referred to in the book are unfamiliar to me, and may be unfamiliar to other readers.  It would have been helpful for some commonly mentioned things to be defined, such as 'bargirl' and 'muay-Thai.'  Overall, Skytrain to Murder is one of the most fascinating mysteries I have read in a long time.  The exotic locale coupled with captivating suspense make for a winning combination.  I definitely recommend this book for all mystery lovers on your holiday shopping list--and buy a copy for yourself as a treat!"

-     Melissa Parcel, a reviewer for All About Murder:

"When you enter Scott Sterling's world in Bangkok you leave the everyday world as we know it behind.  Different rules apply in Bangkok....Barrett's descriptions are vibrant and the writing is entertaining, sharp and precise.  He presents us with a world that captures the reader's imagination and attention.  His sense of place and pacing are excellent.  The author has a gift for creating a detailed world rife with many layered intrigues and immensely personable characters.  The many layers are woven together as Barrett deftly moves toward a satisfying conclusion."

-      Lane Wright, Reviewing the


“The author paints a powerful picture of a mix of positive and negative images, of seedy sex and incredible wealth. If you want to read a thriller where the author does not gloss over the seamier side of life, then this could be the one.

The novel is a fast read and packed full of information on Thailand. Barrett, as an expatriate himself, clearly knows what he is talking about.”

Luke Croll,


Dean Barrett shows a great deal of depth and talent...You don't just get a great mystery...but a lot of interesting side stories and great details that make this book a rich and fantastic read...The mystery in this novel is fabulous...Hop a ride on this skytrain to murder:  You'll not only get a good detective story, but a fascinating look into a different and beautiful land."                 

- Cindy Lynn Speer,


"Stirling is a great main character, with a cynical outlook on life yet remaining a pretty positive guy.  I almost picture him with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, ala Bogart.  Barrett also provides us with quirky bit characters and interesting suspects in the murders....I really enjoyed the prose, the characters, and the dialogue...If you like your thrillers with a bit of the exotic to them, then give this one a try."

- David Roy, Curled up with a Good Book



"There is no success where there is no possibility of failure, no art without the resistance of the medium."

Raymond Chandler - Playback


"I'd never dream...of not reading reviews.  It would be like not looking at a naked woman if she happens to be standing in front of her open window.  Whether ugly or lovely, she is undeniably interesting under such circumstances."

Norman Mailer - The Spooky Art: Some Thoughts on Writing




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