Pop Darrell's Last Case


"There is much more to this novel than your average detective drama...Barrett has the ability to describe his characters in a thoroughly lifelike way...This book has it all, both real and imagined and conjured up...I have found in the past that Barrett weaves a great yarn, and this book is up there with the best of them...A very professional work." - Lang Reid, Pattaya Mail


"One of the enjoyable aspects of Pop Darrell's Last Case is Barrett's ability to blend the old ways and the old days with present-day crime-solving technology...This is a well researched, well plotted Chinese thriller/fantasy, set in New York with many cinematic qualities...For readers looking for a good action-packed thriller/fantasy, with plenty of Chinese influences and cinematic qualities, I highly recommend Pop Darrell's Last Case." - Kevin Cummings, www.PeopleThingsLiterature.com


Bangkok's fabulous Chinatown at lunar New Year