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Memoirs of a Bangkok Warrior - A M*A*S*H-type novel set in Thailand during the Vietnam War.  This novel was optioned for film five times and came close to being the M*A*S*H for the Vietnam War.  Unfortunately, "close" only counts in horseshoes, grenades and atomic weapons.  Some movie producers said it was "hilarious but uneven."  I pointed out that so is the Old Testament and that got published and made into a movie.  Unfortunately, that line of reasoning got me nowhere.  Sample Chapter and Reviews


A Love Story

A Love Story - An erotic adventure set in 1862 civil war China.  An American lieutenant, serving under Frederick Townsend Ward, is captured by an all female unit of Taiping women ("the silken armies").  At first, they treat him as a slave, but the lieutenant eventually falls in love with one of his captors and she with him. 


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Thailand: Land of Beautiful Women - (non-fiction) A 160-page full color photobook exploring in text and photographs why the women of Thailand have such an appeal for Western men.  From classical dancers to construction workers, from go-go dancers to rice farmers, their charm is far more than merely physical.  Thai cultural values and the teachings of the Buddhist religion have endowed the women of Thailand with confidence, grace and intelligence.  Sorry, no nudity, but lots of pretty young ladies in everything from a bikini to a phasin (Thai-style sarong). 


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The Boat Girl and the Magic Fish - (non-fiction for children 7-12) This fairy tale is a tender introduction to one of the lifestyles that has long identified Hong Kong as a place unique in the world.  Kum-choi, a boat girl who has grown up on a Chinese junk at sea, must join in the progress and go ashore to school.  There she experiences the shock of seagoing fisherfolk as they resettle on shore to learn new ways that will forever separate them from the old ways they know and love.  The sea gypsies' junks and butterfly-wing sails are disappearing and a time-honored way of life is passing, but Kum-choi finds a friend - the Magic Fish. 


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Don Quixote in China: The Search for Peach Blossom Spring - (non-fiction) T'ao Yuan Ming, a 4th century poet, wrote about a mysterious utopia in the remote mountains of China.  In this utopia, generations of Chinese had isolated themselves from China's wars and rebellions and knew nothing of the outside world.  Sixteen centuries later, after sifting through clues leading me to believe it actually exists, I journeyed into China in search of this pastoral paradise; and, as the publisher writes, "neither travel literature nor the Middle Kingdom will ever be the same again."  China adventure/travel literature/humor.   

Opening Chapter.

Preparation for the Adventure

My First Encounter with Don Quixote's Freston the Magician



Murder at the Horny Toad Bar


Other Outrageous Tales of Thailand


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Sample Reviews

Sample Chapter

Another Chapter

Yet Another Chapter

Still one More!

OK, another one,  but buy the damn book, whydontcha?



The Go Go Dancer Who Stole My Viagra

& other Poetic Tragedies of Thailand

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Dragon Slayer

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The first several chapters of Dragon Slayer

Reviews of Dragon Slayer



Identity Theft: Alzheimer's in America, Sex in Thailand, Tangles of the Mind

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Synopsis of Identity Theft


Preface of Identity Theft


Identity Theft: The Five First Chapters


Book Reviews



"When a tough, honest writer can look squarely at all the horrors of the world, face all the facts, and still come up with a hard-won, joyous celebration of life at the end, in spite of everything, that can be wonderful." - Richard Yates


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